Stream Innovation

We innovate to change the
way value moves

Stream innovation is a venture development factory for fintech-based business incubation and development, focusing on starting up, funding, and expanding disruptive business ideas.

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What we do

Our focus is on the disruptive change of the payment sector in the global financial industry. Given the pervasiveness of financial services across the globe, the opportunity for disruption by fintech startups is massive. Change is driven by regulatory reform and harmonisation, and in this lies vast business opportunities.


A unique and process-based fintech development machine

Why we do it

Stream Innovation was founded in 2020 to identify, develop and invest in fintech ventures, technologies and trends with global market potential.

Our team consists of some of the foremost minds in the global industry, including financial markets experts, experienced business developers and technology wizards, all with a history of being at the centre of major new international finance and tech initiatives.

As a team we leverage our collective skills and experience to create a unique and process-based fintech development machine.


At the core of what we do, is our ability to design sweet-spot business models

How we do it

Stream Innovation’s main competence lies in the processes of venture and tech development. We’re a true fintech factory; creator, incubator and accelerator for our own and third-party fintech startups, with expertise for most common accelerator dimensions to help new ventures become stable, self-sufficient rapid growth businesses.

We provide and channel seed funding through our own means or through third-party equity and short-term debt funding. Agency agreements with licensed actors allow us to launch ventures without the need to individually apply for FCA licenses in early-stage development.

At the core of what we do is our ability to design sweet spot business models, create state-of-the-art tech, reach out to recruit venture talent, access international contact networks to find the right pilot clients, and use our marketing and communication know-how to quickly scale a new business for profitability. For our work, we maintain and gain from ownership of new ventures, in alignment with the entrepreneurs who came to us with their business ideas.

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